Monday, November 12, 2012

Merry Krampus!

This weekend I took a break from the complicated block-of-the-month quilt I'm working on to get started on my holiday projects- they will be here before you know it!
First up was this oversized Krampus Christmas stocking. The Krampus is a devil-like creature from Bavarian folklore who accompanies St. Nicholas on Christmas. But while St. Nick brings presents to good children, if they have been naughty the Krampus is said to put them in his basket and carry them off!
One of my friends at work is fascinated with the Krampus legend, so when I saw this fabric on, I knew I had to make this for him! (I changed it up a little by adding fake fur trim around the top.) Gotta love the removable crying kid in the basket on the back!

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