Sunday, September 16, 2012

a "controversial" quilt

Last year when I was diagnosed with cancer, the gals in my Modern Quilt Guild bee secretly made this for me as a surprise....I took it along to my weekly chemo treatments for months. (and yes, I did succeed in giving the middle finger to cancer!)

This weekend was the Austin quilt show, and when I entered it I didn't anticipate any problems. However I was contacted by the show's  organizers, who were concerned about possible issues with the City/ venue finding it offensive (and possibly removing the quilt and/or not renewing the show's permit.)

At first they suggested putting up some sort of screen in front of the quilt with a warning/ age statement sign, but I suggested I could make a matching block with an asterisk to strategically cover up one letter. We agreed this was probably the least hassle-y solution.

When I dropped off the quilt for the show, I had the asterisk safety pinned in place at all 4 corners...but when I saw it hanging, the cover was only pinned at the top edge like a flap, so the truly curious could have a peek at what was underneath.

Despite all the hassle, I got quite a few compliments from people who were glad it was submitted. I was also told that it received a number of write-in votes for the "viewer's choice" award :)

Below is a group shot at the show with myself and some of the people who worked on it, followed by a glamour shot on Town Lake (photo by Bobbi Brekke).


  1. I think the asterisk block is a great solution, Cindy! I wish I'd had time to get to the show this weekend to see it on display, but no such luck. I hope you are doing well and can join us at a guild meeting soon!

  2. This is such a great quilt, and I love that they removed two of the safety pins to make it a flap. These are my kind of quilting ladies.

    P.S. Since it took me forever to figure out how to turn off my word verification in Blogger, I'm sharing this link if you want to learn how to disable it: Blogger's never-ending transition to a new interface is kind of clunky ;-)

  3. the sentiment is the quilt...what an amazing group of friends you have!

  4. Finally!!!! I clicked on this through Bad Ass Quilters Society in FB... a friend of mine helping me with Quilts of Valor had mention the show because I missed it and was pretty upset about not being able to go.. First thing she told me was about this quilt! and how offended she was and she'd never go to that show again! I was pissed that none of my quiltys tagged me or told me anything! NOT ONE DAMN WORD! I"m so happy to see the quilt and what and why behind it. That truly does make a difference in how ya look at things. I will pass this along to my friend and tell her the empowerment behind the this very special quilt!

    1. There was actually another F-bomb quilt at the show, it was a group quilt made of lots of blocks that contained the F-word. Maybe that's the one your friend saw, but it was hung right next to mine, so she would have seen both of them. I think they're both equally valid, regardless of the motivation behind them. Words only have power when people give them power, so if someone is offended, that is their choice and not the artist's :)