Thursday, October 25, 2012

Power quilting!

The animation studio I work for, Powerhouse Animation, has just released POWERLINES, a comic book-style collection of original work by our staff artists. Rather than drawing something, I made a small appliqued quilt using our company logo and colors! The book will premiere at Austin's Wizard Con this weekend with a limited number of signed copies, and will also be available on our website soon. For more details, please see this post about it on our blog.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York knitter Karabouts has made some grim and frostbitten amigurumi dolls! Check out the adorable corpsepainted black metal guitarist, bearded Viking and more at her website!

Monday, October 8, 2012

what I've been up to

So I've been working on this insane block-of-the-month quilt since the beginning of the's not my usual style, but before starting  this I realized I had not done anything very impressive over the previous year....mostly just lap and baby quilts that I made as gifts. When I saw this BOM pattern on the Quilt Show website, I was drawn in by the unusual design and brilliant colors. I decided to make it to level up my quilting skills, and have a show-worthy piece. (I did add my own touch by changing the background to black.)
It's all paper-pieced with a lot of fused applique. I have been learning a lot; mostly that any mistake that requires me to redo something will not happen again :)
I'm currently a month behind on it, but considering I was in cancer treatment till May and I had to get ready for the Austin quilt show last month, I would say I'm not doing too bad!

This is all the blocks through August. Finished quilt will be about 88" square.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


this is a small (17 X 20") piece I made last year. it's based on a 30-foot tall sculpture of Viking swords in Stavanger, Norway that comemmorates the battle of Hafrsfjord in the year 872.
The black part is fused applique, and I used the "escape hatch" technique for the self-binding irregular edge. I slit the back to turn it, and covered up the cut with the hanging sleeve :)
In retrospect, the swords look a bit puny....should have cropped in closer. I may revisit this theme again in the future.